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Thursday, May 2024

The I Love My Mattress OutCold is a durable yet comfortable memory foam mattress.  This I Love My Mattress, has been crafted by foam manufacturing specialists, that originally made foam products for the automotive industry. I Love My Mattress uses roll pack technology to compress the mattress, which makes for a convenient delivery and setup. This bed is a nice option for customers who are  not be able to shop in a traditional retail store. The mattress expands instantly , and  can be slept on immediately.  This memory foam mattress offers a two in one cooling feature, with use of Surface level cooling fabric, and cool  Copper Infused Foam. This bed eliminates the problem of motion transfer, which makes it an ideal match for couples.

# Cover Fabric

Soft, luxurious  fabric tops this mattress. Cold Phase change OutCold* fabric, allows for a cool and comfortable sleeping surface. this material is noticeably cool to the touch. 

# Pressure Relieving Material

This I Love My Mattress uses two layers of Copper Infused gel memory foam. Memory foam is known for its contouring sculpting ability. 

Copper Infused memory foam, uses copper particles in the process of foam creation, to create an antimicrobial environment. 

# Support Layer

This I Love My Mattress uses a thigh density foam core for its support layer. The foam core creates a solid foundation to support the softer, pressure relieving foam layers.  This type of core support increases the durability and performance of the mattress. The flex-ability of this type of foam core, pairs well with any adjustable base. This support layer is known for its zero motion transfer, which makes it ideal for couples. 




Side Sleeper

This mattress offers side sleepers needed pressure relief, with a medium soft feel. For side sleepers an overstuffed pillow, is recommended to ensure proper neck alignment.



Back Sleeper

For back sleepers, this mattress will evenly support the body, and keep the spine correctly aligned. A medium thick pillow, will compliment this mattress well.

Belly Sleeper 

For Stomach sleepers, this mattress offers substantial comfort. Some belly sleepers may experience a better nights rest on a  slightly firmer mattress. Ideally, this mattress pairs best with a soft conforming pillow for stomach sleeping.



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