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Thursday, Jun 2024

Around the 4 ½ month mark, I began having interrupted sleep issues.  Could not sleep more than 3 hours at a time no matter what I did!  My husband brought home the pregnancy pillow and I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep from day 1!   I was able to sleep through the night (when my bladder allowed) and the quality of sleep was better.  Previously my sleep tracker noted periods of restlessness lasting up to two hours a night, but that hasn’t happened since I began sleeping with the pregnancy pillow.  I love that the cover can be easily taken off and washed.  I’m sure I will keep using after the baby comes.  The only problem I have is how popular it is in my household:  as soon as I get up, one of the dogs will climb inside of it and go to sleep! Bronwyn Gartland


The Z wrap around pillow follows the natural contours of your body and provides support reliving sleep pain. The ergronomic design wraps around the body supporting the back, head, neck, hips and belly providing the comfort of up to 6 standard pillows. The removable cover is made to wick moisture and aid in optiml sleep temperatures.

  • Full body pillow
  • Aleviates maternity discomfort
  • Soft down-alternative fill
  • Customized support without the need for multiple pillows
  • Hypoallergenic fill will not shift or clump
  • Washable, Tencel™ removable cover


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